While living in the Netherlands we became enamored with the calm, intelligent draft horses. Eric worked many hours in the forests pulling logs with his Brabant. When this horse was not hauling logs, plowing or harrowing, she would be doing hayrides, or even go on the occasional trail ride.

The desire to start working again with these heavy horses led us to the decision to try and acquire a number of Brabant horses here in Canada. In the Netherlands these horses are abundant, but due to the big expense to import them, they are relatively hard to find in Canada.

We purchased a mare in Missouri, another in Canada and leased a stallion to help us establish our herd. Our first babies should be born in the spring of 2016.

We are excited to get Sugar, broken to harness so that she can be used to feed the cows, do some sleigh rides and do some logging.

As our breeding of Brabant horses, is still in a very early stage, we can only offer stud services to our leased Stallion.

We will strive to breed authentic Brabant draft horses, who stand out in their calm nature, work ethic and strong conformation.

With the many contacts we have in both the Netherlands and Belgium, we hope in the future to be able to expand our herd and import some new blood to Canada.